oh man last night was not a good night for us and our chicken.

so we just got the bird rocks out here last night and I know a lot of people talked about the security of the fencing and stuff like that which saw great advice but the thing is that we had planned on coming home early

let’s put the chickens away. they go into the coop and all as well between about 10 o’clock at night and midnight seems to be when these beasts raccoons here in Michigan, Lower Michigan raccoons are by far our biggest predator for chickens

there are foxes there are coyotes but they don’t I don’t really call it close to the house very often I mean. they are the Foxes can get in and stuff like that they could dig under the fencing and everything and all of our tubes really and all of our chicken yards but they don’t hunt during the day

you’re not going to see a fox unless it’s sick or has mange or something else or a coyote up near your house during the day unless they’re super desperate

so that’s really not the issue raccoons have been an issue here. we’ve lost a lot of chickens this year two raccoons. raccoons are very crafty . they have great dexterity. they can open lift they can lift our garage door and get in our garage

they did all our cat food they are feed for animals. they pull chickens through fencing. they can do all kinds of things and that’s what happened here

so the chickens weren’t in the coop because BLEW our rooster who has been taken out of the coop. he sleeps right there in the middle. he has some feet problem. he’s got some frostbite issues and stuff

he’s an older bird so he doesn’t perch and these guys were afraid of him they wouldn’t come in here was their first night with him they were the bird rocks were just laying out here by the fence and the raccoon will sneak up and grab they can’t see chickens , can’t see it all in the dark

I mean a totally blind and record will just sneak up and I don’t even think the raccoon got in at first but so we need to make sure the coop is secure in it and that’s the best thing I can tell you when you’re when you’re building a coop or building a chicken yard

the yard needs to keep the chickens in, it doesn’t need to keep predators out and I’ll tell you why

raccoons can just climb over the top of this there’s nothing preventing a raccoon from or possums and they’ll both eat chickens easily from climbing over the top of this fencing

so yes I get very stuff down below and keep things from digging out, that’s me prevent a fox or coyote but I’m not going to cover this entire area I mean that’s just ridiculous

I could do a Hotwire power you know electric fencing or something around this which would be fine too, I’d have to do a high one and a low one and I may do that but the bottom line is this the coop is the security. that’s where the the chickens need to be able to go to find safety

this coop is extremely secure nothing is going to get in here the only weak point is this door. we’ve never had a raccoon or any animal get in through this door and it’s never had a lock on it

however seeing that we have now lost a barred rock in this area and we want to make sure this does not happen again I am going to secure the door.

All right I think that’s going to work a lot better, got a little a little bar in here what it was called on doors like castle doors

anyway serves the same purpose just a piece of PVC or CPVC in here a couple clamps and we’ll be able to just move this over and just kind of let it sit there and then the door can easily open and closed and then at night time, we’ll just open the door the main door here and slide the piece of PVC through and that keeps it locked down

and can’t open the door at all so that’s that’s nice and secure. the other the other entry point here is the nesting box

but all right then a few days but this souther chicken in here that had his head pretty much half bitten off by that raccoon. he’s only got one eye left

and I think what we think is developing until a rooster hear the rooster Barack so this is his good side but you can see that nasty cut on the top there so we’re going to get him cleaned up

there’s been some flies and stuff around that’s the worst thing we could get is have maggots or something in there but it went right down to the skull so it was it pretty nasty and infected and everything else

so we’re going to get him out and clean them up so all we’re doing here is I’m just using some antibiotic cream. I know there’s other options here. I could pack in the Vaseline but I want to kill any infection.

there’s still a really deep hole right here on the top of its head.

We learn a lot every year with chickens out here. There’s a lot more predators than anywhere else. we’ve lived as long as we get these chickens in at dusk each night which is what should be happening

They will always be secure. The lock has been working well and so our chickens will do just fine in there so although it is always sad to have chickens get taken or eaten or whatever

we’ve lost a lot of chickens this year having them free-range around and we just couldn’t get them into safety at night .

Free-ranging chickens is difficult to keep them safe but you don’t want to keep them penned up so it’s a difficult balance that we’re trying to figure out

what the best solutions are going to be out here how can we get the chickens out on free-range but still keep them protected at night. training them to get into the coop and stuff like that. Sometimes works with chicken sometimes it doesn’t

if they have other places to go , you know you can find them roosting anywhere in trees and fences and all over the place so we have a lot more to experiment with and a lot more to do here

we’re constantly trying to improve the situations for our animals and over the years have more chickens and more places for them to be safe

we hope these chickens will grow up and provide lots of eggs for us and breed and all that kind of good stuff.

Chicken Coop Security