a common mistake that folks new to raising chickens make is sealing up the chicken house in the wintertime but that’s about the worst thing they can do.

Those folks may not realize that fresh air inside a coop is essential to maintaining healthy birds. a chickens feathers provide them with great warmth and insulation from the cold vents.

Allowing your fresh air into your coop should be located the highest point possible above where any chickens will be. Any smell of ammonia in a coop is too much ammonia and can cause damage to the lining of the respiratory tract leading to illness.

Fresh air helps clear away the ammonia in the coop so by placing events high up in the structure it allows moisture from the breathing and the droppings to escape, helping to prevent disease and respiratory issues and it doesn’t create drafts which can lead to frostbite in the wintertime

I’d also like to remind viewers that there’s a difference between summer and winter ventilation. Adding windows that can be opened in the summer is a good way to help keep the birds cool and to provide more fresh air.

just be sure to cover the openings on the inside of the coop with a narrow gauge wire to keep out predators. Adding insulation to the walls and roof will also help reduce summer heat and help keep birds warm in the winter

I actually orient my coops with south-facing windows to maximize solar gain and to help keep the chickens warm in the winter time. ventilation is very important.

all people need to do is make sure there are no cracks or openings on the chickens level to keep them from getting too cold.

Chicken Coop Ventilation Tips