Today we’re going to be cleaning out the chicken coop. Whenever your chicken coop starts to get a little stinky or visibly dirty with poop you really need to start cleaning it out because chickens really don’t like living in poop just like you wouldn’t like living in poop

so today I’m going to take you through all the steps that we do and show you how to just make a nice bed form stay tuned

the first thing that I like to do is come in here and push all the chickens out the door make sure they’re out and just lock them outside basically

so they can’t get outside cause as of right now we’re not really free-ranging we’re wanting to keep them in our garden into a garden season.

next we’re going to hang up the feeders or anything else that’s in our way. As you can see this is pretty soiled material. We use wood chips we actually buy them from Orleans

we’re not using hay or straw or anything like that right now because we really needed to use that for our blackberries so we really don’t mind just going to Orleans and buying three bales we used to just do a bale and a half in here

but we did notice once you started our we had to change it change it up a lot more often so once we started doing three bells at a time and it gave it much more of a deeper bedding

it allowed that manure and waste – you know soak soak in those chips a lot more and we were able to utilize the bedding that we had purchased it or salons for a lot longer of a time

when we designed our coop we had a pretty large roosting perch here and it was kind of in the way and my cousin said well hey just don’t really secure it down at the floor just secure it at the top and make sure that it’s able to hinge

so we did just that and now we’re able to hinge this thing right up out of the way so we’re going to put a ratchet strap on it connect it to the ceiling and then it lifts it up off the ground

and we can scoop out all this bedding super easy you before we start cleaning our coop we think safety first we’ve only been given one set of lungs and we really need to protect him amongst all of this waste inside of this bedding is a lot of ammonia

and it’s very harmful to your lungs back whenever we started with chickens the first time I ever clean the coop out I did not use a respirator or even a dust mask

and my lungs felt horrible for like a week but this here is is better than just your cheap average dust mask

these are just dust filters not a chemical respirator of any sorts but it does seal to your face and nicely unlike the paper dust mask if that’s all you have those are great to use too just some sort of filter

so you’re not getting all that dust and ammonia inside your lungs . Now that the hard works done we’ve got all the old bedding out of the way and dumped in the compost pile we’re gonna back the truck up here and put the new wood chips in it

The chickens will be spending most of their time on the roof so that means the most soil place will be underneath of the roost be sure that’s the thickest place that the bedding will be.

Clean chicken coop how often