So let me show you one way to keep snakes out of your chicken house or your chicken yard chicken run. This is a way that I have had probably at least three if not four snakes that would have been in my chicken house and eating my eggs that I have kill them

and that is I don’t know whether this is even going to show up on camera bird netting some call it deer netting, bird netting. It is a plastic mesh looks to be about a inch maybe three-quarters of an inch and the snakes get caught in that like a gill net like if you were fishing in a river and you just a gill net

snakes get caught in it and cannot get out. one that I’ve had get caught one of my let go. I gave him a second chance. The rest of them I just didn’t see in time and they got caught and they died quick.

This one I came out here last night to feed them and everything and it was not here came out at about noon today and there it is so it doesn’t take long to kill them

I do use the net and just tie wrap it cable tight to whatever fence I have it on but anyway I have but they’ll try to get up. The snake will try to come under it

if you let it go all the way the ground or even if you embedded it in the ground or if you wrapped it around your and there’s something I’m thinking about that wrapping it around my laying boxes

you want to do it in a way that your chickens aren’t going to get their feet caught in it . I mean you know I have to experiment with it a little bit but anyway this is a way.

it’s like a gill net again a gill net for snakes. it’s it traps the snake keeps them not a hundred percent . I’m sure some of them are getting in but some could not.

I think it would work for you like it’s worked for me. I don’t know why not I’m just any entrance to your chicken yard any entrance to your chicken house our entrance to the may be whatever however they would have to climb up to get in your chicken boxes your nesting boxes to get to the eggs that would be a good thing too to wrap around there

I get mine off Amazon it comes in I think it’s seven feet by a hundred feet long for I don’t know 15 20 bucks. it’s pretty it’s real cheap. in fact if you’re putting it along with fence, cut it in half to make it three and a half feet tall instead of seven and you can go 200 feet with it

so you can make it stretch but put it around my nest nesting box but if you can do this I can almost promise you you’ll catch a snake or two and I’ll have to I need to cut him out of there because he’s fixing start getting right he’s fixing start stacking

so about a three-foot rat snake chicken snake bit the dust because of bird netting just cheap bird Navy . Here’s something else I found close to the back of the chicken house and that is time I didn’t even see before… bones

I’ve got some netting that fell down and just lay it on the ground and the chickens I guess picked him clean. That’s two snakes down in just the last week or two.

it’s a pretty good way to catch you some snakes, keep them out of your chicken yard, keep them out of your left nesting boxes, out of your henhouse

I don’t know that I ever mentioned that it might be a good pre-emptive a defensive preemptive whatever strike to keep them out of your chickens business .

How To Control Snakes In Your Chicken Coop