I have chicken tractors raising broilers on pasture for meat that’s chickens for meat and the predator issues everything eats chicken I eat chicken wolves eat chicken I have wolves in my area but I do have bear and Fox and bobcat and skunks and mink and all sorts of stuff

everything eats chicken.

from aerial predators the tarp and the chicken wire keep Hawks out but on the ground I have something special to keep something digging out underneath

or dealing with that electric fence you’re going to want to you know the granular things once you get up and going there’s a few tips that’ll just make your life easier make things more effective I’m gonna share those with you right now

so on the outside of the chicken tractors I not only have chicken wire the new ones actually have hardware cloth but I also have a strand of electric wire hooked up to a solar fence charger

now single strand of electrical wire, I keep about six inches up off the ground and six inches out from the chicken tractor itself and any small medium-sized critter even a bigger critter that’s going to dig underneath have to get through that wire first

it’s either going to snap them on the nose or the bridge of their nose or the back of their head. they’re going to hit that wire and because that solar charger is so strong and this is just a single strand, it’s going to zap them and they’re going to run away

and it’s you know since I’ve had this electric wire nothing has been able to reach in and get to my birds or dig under and get to my Birds

not going to knock on wood

so tip number one with your corners as you put your post straight up and you pull it tight your post is going to shrink back into your chicken tracker and the wire might slide up and start to hit the chicken tractor and ground out .

you actually Electrify all the chicken wire and you have a chance of zapping your bird it, also depletes the battery and the solar charger so that’s no good so I have it where the wires going around the outside of the pole so the pressure is against the pole and not against the weak little plastic hook

and I’ll put it in at an angle you know it’s got a little foot step so you not to do with your hand and when it’s at an angle and I tighten it, the poles straight up instead of leaning into the a contractor

and that acts as tension against the wire keeps is taut so if anything touches it it doesn’t loosen up or doesn’t sink down into the grass and ground out , keeps the tension gets it around the corner and you know no harm done to your poles.

you can use plastic poles or fiberglass poles for, this specific application I like the fiberglass poles with a little bottom clip six to eight inches off the ground

same thing every time because you’re putting the weight against the pole the clip doesn’t break as often and you’re good to go

Tip number two is attaching the end of your wire back to the beginning

so in the beginning I have a loop that I fish the pole through and just put it in the clips. that loop is tied back on itself goes around all my chicken tractors here and then comes to this end which I like to keep a little bit of a spool instead of cutting .

it it’s always nice to have a little bit extra and if you want to have more chicken tractors then you’re not slicing two wires together

so with that wire what I do is fish it through the first hook and then I just figure eight around the pole and that figure-eight going around the pole will take the tension of the wire hold it in place and with each Bend I put in the wire , it reduces the amount of strain on the hook

and it kind of supports itself your little plastic fragile hooks lasts a long time and I don’t have to worry about this coming undone . you know if something hits this then those poles will shake a little bit but I still have tension it might not has not come undone

so at the end of the fence I have a spool, I like having a spool because sometimes I have four chicken tractors sometimes I have six sometimes I have eight if your rotations change having a wire where you don’t have to have this mess where you’re you’re having a few wires kind of spliced together

it’s nice having the spool on there but just so happens that you know my exact point was afforded by the knot there and you so hanging this up I got this from premiere . they’re cheap, they’re easy to use it’s very simple and lightweight and this one’s lasted me since 2014 so that’s three years ish and has not broken yet

and what I do for that it’s got this knob and the top with a little slit I bring the ropes for the wire straight up and click it in. I’ll bring that straight up so I’ve got a little loop here

so I’m doing see what I’m doing I got this guy and then that system there and your wire can’t fall off and I’m going to hit it you might knock into it and with that loop you’re never going to lose that school

that schools not going to fall on the ground ground out on the grass and then you lose your charge and then it’s there , it’s easy you just pick it up and off grab your loop and pull it through that and you’re off and ready to go

The solar charger that I use the portable solar charger defense and the spool I all got from premier premier one supplies. com . I’ve been very happy with this. it’s lasted me now several years having to purchase new ones which is great sorry premier but your stuff just lastly.

This is the PR 100 solar charger little fence wire spool, some simple fiberglass posts and some poly wire which I bought in a big spool and cut to the size I need it.

Do Not Make A Chicken Tractor Electric Fence Until You Read This