i’m here today to answer the question what do you do when all of your chickens are laying their eggs in one box or if they’re not laying in the box at all

and they’re laying it scattered around your yard so stay tuned check it out

There’s a couple different things that you can do to discourage your hens from laying all in one box or from laying them outside of the boxes but the most effective thing I found wooden eggs

so a wooden egg and a real egg look very similar and because it’s wooden the weight is very similar and that’s an important thing if you use a hollow plastic egg like a kid’s toy, Easter egg or something, they’re going to know something’s up

and they’re gonna be hip tear your game pretty quickly. I found during this winter a little earlier backpedaling that a lot of my hens once they moved into the greenhouse, we’re laying in like two boxes and I think they have 80 boxes be tuned because this side has nesting boxes and then it’s doubled on the other side

they’re back to back so with all those nesting boxes. A hundred and fifty hens who are laying out of my 250, we’re all laying in like three boxes. It was awful so I had about 2 dozen of these because we’re a chicken farm and I had just had them on hand

You can do a Google search for wooden eggs. I don’t have any recommendation on where to get them, you can just price them out from wherever but go for the wooden ones.

They look like the real thing. Because I see if I can do this in perspective because I spread the eggs out and now all the different nesting boxes about a dozen on each side all the eggs that the chickens were laying started to spread out between all those boxes as well.

it was very successful so try it see let me know how it goes if you try it or if you’re suffering from the same problem leave a note in the comments section below.

Getting chickens to lay eggs inside nesting boxes