In today’s post, we’re going to be putting a chicken roost up in our chicken coop and I want to talk to you about what did you want to use to make a roof for your chickens

I want to show you how to do the best chicken roost you could possibly build and I want to actually get it done so we’re gonna pack up our gear and we’re gonna head outside

if you’re building your own chicken coop or maybe you’re converting a building on your property to be used as a chicken coop. if you’re gonna have egg laying chickens, you need to have a roost

Now in the chicken yard, today we’re gonna be doing some work on this yellow coupe . we’re gonna be putting a roost up in it so let’s head on into the coop.

These chicken like birds of the jungle would wander around the jungle they would have nests. They would lay eggs but at nighttime when they sleep, they would fly up and roost for protection.

you and me are not the only things that like to eat chicken, pretty much any animal out there that eats me would love to bite on one of these jungle fowl and so at nighttime they would fly up into the trees and into the bushes and they would roost

so they wouldn’t be easy pickings for some carnivore walking around the forest more chickens today still desire to roost and so if you’re building your own chicken coop or if you’re turning an old building on the property like this one into a coop you want to put a roost up for your girls and you want to make sure there’s enough room space for all your chickens

That means you want to have 8 to 12 inches per bird depending on breed. This is the roost that we already have up in this coop. I need to match the same height of this roost as the roost on the other side because as you know chickens have an established pecking order and whoever is the most important chicken she wants to be up the highest

Well the problem is all the chickens want to be the most important chicken so they’re all the fighting for the highest roost so if you put different tiered roosts in your coop, you’re gonna have overcrowding on the higher roost and empty space on the lower wrist

and that’s not good for your birds so we’re gonna measure the height of this roost here I can see it’s about 27 inches to the top of this roost to the floor of our coop

now we’re gonna match that on the other side, I’ve got these really strong shelf brackets for this roof

think about those chickens, those chickens average three to five pounds in so if I have a roost here that has you know ten chickens on it. that’s thirty pounds so you want to make sure that your roots are supported by a good strong shelving bracket

According to those studies , they found that generally speaking an oval or a square was the best shape for the chicken’s feet. you don’t want it to be too narrow where the chicken has to grip really hard around the thing

so you wouldn’t want to use a circular shaped dowel instead you’re better off with like a square and wider was better but you don’t want it so wide that the chickens foot is totally flat on the perch

so a 2×4 on its side four inches would be too much space your chickens foot is flat and that’s not healthy for their feet instead you want them to be able to just curve their little chickeny fingers around the sides of that perch

and so what we like to use this is a piece of one by two but it’s dimensions are not exactly one inch by two inches. it’s actually two and a half inches on the one side and about an inch and an inch and five eighths on the other side.

it’s hard to find the perfect size lumber at like Home Depot but if you get a piece of one by two. we’ve used this in the past. We’re gonna put it up this way so that they have enough room to roost on it solid flat but they can get their chicken fingers around the sides

Before I get my height from my brackets, I need to see how much height this roost is gonna add to the mix so I have it just right so two and a half inches if we’re trying to match the 27 inches over there that means I have to mount these brackets at 20:20 four and a half inches

so what we’re that’s what we’re gonna do now okay maybe you think these big heavy-duty brackets are going over board. they’re a little overkill and they are but the reason why is because these flimsy cheap ones they tend to curve and even break.

we’ve tried these in the past and they’re just not right especially with a bunch of big heavy birds jumping up and flying down every night so instead of getting you know flimsy cheap crap that I got to replace in a couple years I like to go above and beyond get good sturdy stuff

make sure it’s good and sturdy and right for our girls and this lasts forever

Make sure I’m putting it on not only level this way but also this way so we’re gonna just check it all right right there’s perfect plumb so now all I’m going to do is I’m going to put my four foot level across this guy and make sure that when I hang the other brackets we’re hanging it nice and level

because we don’t want our birds to be leaning all night because we put the roost up wrong and that’s perfect. Here’s a little trick. it’s hard to find a heavy-duty bracket with a hole that’ll match your screws so just get yourself one of those nice big fat washers that the screw can fit through

and hold nicely and then when you’re snug this up that washer, holds it right in place

How To Build A Chicken Roost That Won’t Harm Your Chickens