Have you ever wanted to keep chickens but you didn’t like the smell or all the workload for cleaning out the chicken table ?

well that doesn’t have to be the case and there’s a way to do it without that I’m going to show this in today’s article. I’m Tim.

The reason for not having smell is that we use a deep bedding roof. I am inside of our brooder where we raise our chicks and it’s a breeding flock in here behind me and you see I grew up with my dad having chickens and the worst thing was always when it smelled and when you have to clean out the chickens table which was about once a week

well here you have pretty much no smell I don’t smell any chicken manure here and you don’t have to clean this stable out once a week not even once a month but once a year

and the best part is when you clean it out it all is almost ready to go straight on the garden and has turned into compost here’s how I am standing here on about 50 centimetres of woodchips and wood shavings and then just called a deep bedding you put this in before you put your chickens in there

this is about a foot to a foot and a half deep of these wood shavings and then these chickens just go here and then when you are gets mixed and you throw in some whole grains or something on the floor they mix this in and then over time the manure all the moisture in and everything will bind up with this it will turn it into compost

and it’ll start smelling sweet like compost. I’m still inside the brooder house and what you see here the deep bedding that for over a year was with the chickens I cleaned it out about two weeks ago and I just scooped it the chickens are right behind the camera you can see them right now I just rip it over into this corner

and then I used water to make it all wet constantly for about 20 to 25 minutes until the water was coming out at the bottom and then it speeded up and started burning and this is pretty much what I’m going to do with it

now before I’ll put it out on the garden, there’s never been a smell to it or a bad smells on the chicken.

this smells like compost. it’s wonderful now if I put my hand in here it is still warm but I want to turn it one more time and then it’ll be ready to go out on the garden

this is how the deep bedding turns to do it the right way. there are a couple things to consider when you do this

one is you kind of need to have a rough idea of how much carbon material the wood shavings you put in stable because the chickens will only add certain amount of manure to it

if you have too little or too much of manure then either it takes forever to lettuce at this point or it’ll start smelling and generally if you have less than three square feet per chicken during wintertime, it’s the manure load gets too much for the chicken to work it in

but let me tell you that there are two days where I work on cleaning the chickens table sometimes even one day a year

today where you put it in about a foot a foot and a half deep of wood shavings and the day where you take this material out so if you live anywhere close to houses and city neighbors, you don’t want odor and you don’t have much time

but you still would love to keep chickens well this is the way to go if compost that is being produced as a by-product the chickens do it for you.

you have no odor and clean out the stable one see here, well it’s not just a dream. that’s what we do here and we have done it with success now you might think how many chickens is this work with

what you just saw my breeding flock of eight chickens and in the intro you saw a greenhouse where we will do this with over 300 chickens this is a scalable system

so I hope you got inspired. I hope your farm is interesting. I’m super excited to be able to put this on my garden and you know I know what’s in there

there are no weeds in there. there are a few whole grains in that start sprouting as this compost

now just because that’s what I put in the deep bedding so the chickens work is a little bit anyways.

How To Clean My Chicken Coop ONCE a Year – No Smell