Today let’s talk about keeping your coop dry. Every time it rained the inside of the coop was just a soppy mess. Whether it was a gully washer or whether it was just a light rain inside there was just a mess and so I remember watching an old cowboy movie one time and it was Cowboys they were it was during I think like a three or four day just hurricane or they couldn’t do anything and there underneath the tarp but around the perimeter of the tarp they dug a trench and the water was just running right down the trench

and I thought man I can do that so what I’ve done is earlier this spring I dug this trench and throughout the year it did you know well I think you got a little damp in there at times but but not much the only challenge though is if you get just a gully washer like we got the other day I think it rained man we got like six and a half inches of rain and you know 36 hours or saying it came hard and fast at times

and so what had happened was it slopes this way so it’s a real gradual slope so as the water was coming up to here it just dammed up and it started seeping right in there but you know majority of it came out and around but still when it comes out fast in that heart I don’t think there’s anything that I’m gonna be able to do to to prevent it from going in

but all I did was I just dug a trench all the way around and hopefully gravity will just keep on taking it I did not dig a trench on this side and I didn’t do it on this side just because the lay of the land the gravity is going that way so but anyway if you have an issue with whether it’s your your chicken coop or whatever try this again if it’s a gully washer it may or may not work or well it will work but it may not keep everything dry but during just a you know a gradual steady rain it seems like this keeps things pretty well dry

and then one thing I also did was instead of just piling all the dirt up here so when it does rain it washes back in I pulled it all out here and man this is some got some good soil so I’m gonna have to throw that in the garden this winter.

How To Keep Chicken Coop Dry