This is Jenny. today I’m making up some nest box herbs for our chickens to put in their nest boxes. I like to make this up for them because it is really boost their immune system, helps them lay better help to keep the bugs out of there all kinds of great stuff

They’re anti-inflammatory antimicrobial. These are just like powerhouse herbs that we use for ourselves and our chickens so we grow everything here on our homestead except for the chamomile and the lavender .

Those are things I have to order out the chamomile we’re working on making more of that but I usually never have enough that’s one of our big herbs that we use tons of so we’re gonna start this base with some oregano.

Oregano is wonderful for digestion. it’s good for a laying stimulant. I’m gonna put a whole cordon. That’s good base. I just love oregano.

it’s like the magic herb. it is so good for you. I put it in my teas I drink it all the time. This is like it’s the magic herb. we love a regular so I put a quart of oregano in here

and I have some oregano flowers. I keep these separated out. I put the flowers more in my tea than the leaves but I do use the leaves too sometimes but not so we’re just gonna do a good handful

and you can see these are just so beautiful. They’re purple and pretty and they smell so good. They’re so yummy and the oregano is just so good for everything

it’s got so many great properties antimicrobial, anti bacterial. it’s just it’s great for everything. if you’re gonna grow one herb, I recommend to grow oregano

We have a huge oregano plant and we harvest tons of it so the next thing, I’m going to put in is some chamomile.

Chamomile is great for lice and mites and to help keep those little buggies out of there so it’ll be really good helps, keep their nest nice and clean and the bugs don’t like it

and the hands love this stuff. We’re going to put that in there and then we’re gonna put some marigolds in there too.

Marigolds are absolutely wonderful and they are great for repelling insects really really good for that so we just try them whole and we’re also gonna add some lemongrass

I love lemongrass. it’s another repellent. it’s great for keeping flies out of there, put a good handful of that in. This is going to make a decent batch. it will last quite a while so we’ve got lemongrass so those are just super super great for bug repellent

the lemongrass they’re gold chamomile . Those are just awesome. They love those and we’re also going to put a little bit of lavender in here because lavender is very calming for the birds and they really like it

I put lavender in a lot of their little treats and their rice. it’s a good form handful of that in there . we’re also going to put some rosemary and I love rosemary it’s very calming relaxing for them

we can put the whole little sticks in there. We don’t need to break it up a little bit of a little stop button and it’s really good for their respiratory system too to help clear anything

if you know and it starts spring is on the way and we want to make sure that they’re optimal and they all that good stuff keep these chickens healthy all right we’re also gonna add some rose petals

I love these they’re nice and beautiful they smell so so good. These are high in vitamin C which is great for your chickens. we’re gonna put a couple of good handfuls in there because that’s really all that vitamin C is just really good for them

and they love these. I think they love all the colors and stuff we’d love to peck at it and eat it we’re also going to do some sage in there

sage is great. it’s an immune booster and also another one for a laying stimulant which my girls really are like playing like crazy right now but you know keep them on top of their game so good handful of that in there too

and then the last thing we’re gonna put in is some yarrow and this is really good for respiratory. They’re in their respiratory. it’s also good for lair stimulant and it’s a good stress reliever

we love those stress relievers. Those are good people come not that the girls are too wild but you know it’s a great so that is all we’re gonna put in this batch

Sometimes they make them a little bit different each time is whatever we have on hand but this is the basics you know you can. there are a lot of herbs that are really great for chickens you can mix this up a little bit with different herbs.

How To Keep Your Chicken Healthy With Nest Box Herbs