Some of the most frustrating times of my life have been chasing around chickens this age trying to get them back into a coop at night until they learn how to do it

and I know from talking to other people that I’m not alone in that experience so I’d like to show you something that we have done that works so well getting these guys to go back into their coop in the evening

I have some light Brahmas and a couple leg irons in there. they are seven weeks old mount and they have been outside for maybe five days and they’re in their own little hutch to fish deal here

and when I brought them out, I kept them inside for about three days so that I make sure that they really understand where they’re supposed to be. They get comfortable in there, know where they live and then towards the evening time I just might set up here but I have small fence temporary fence that I have set up so it keeps them in the general area

this has a bottom underneath and I have also been known with very small chicks to even block off anything they can get underneath to avoid having to dig amado places

but around evening time you can open up the door, let them kind of explore and the key to really encouraging them to get back in is to put a heat lamp in there and turn it on at dark

or doesn’t have to be heat lamp. this just happens to be but any kind of a light to kind of get it up in that coop and turn it on and what’s going to happen is when it starts getting dark outside, they’re going to be drawn to going into where the light is

so most of the time they will figure that out on their own and these guys have done a fantastic job of it. there are maybe two or three stragglers that I have to wait for to go in but I haven’t had to chase anybody down and it’s been about four days

it doesn’t always work that wonderfully but it’s better than chasing down all of them so I’d encourage you to try that if you haven’t and they will eventually learn to go in all by themselves but it’s definitely worth putting that light in there and turning it on and then once you have them all in just turn it off for the night.

How To Teach Chicks to Go Into the Coop at Night