Whether you’re buying a coupe or building a coupe there’s a few things that you can look for that are gonna make your life so much easier

Trust me when I was a little girl I wanted to save the world when that didn’t happen I decided to create my own world where things changed for the better every single day

My nesting boxes are stacked one on top of the other. if I have that to do over again I might put them all on the same level just because it’s easier to collect eggs that way

and it’s easier to clean them that way because I don’t have to bend down or squat down to clean them. I mean the top one is a too tall if it was taller I probably wouldn’t be able to get the eggs out of it but that’s only because I’m three feet tall

The main thing about nesting boxes is that you just want to make sure that you can get the eggs easily but you also want them private enough for the chickens to be able to comfortably lay in them

otherwise they’ll find another place to lay eggs and it won’t be convenient

I want to talk about my roost situation in here. They are very cute but they are a hot mess.

Obviously I’m using a ladder as a roost and I love that. I love the design of that and how it looks but it’s very close to the wall

also there is a perch above it that’s pretty close to the wall and if I had that to do over again I would pull the roots out

maybe you know 15 20 inches from the wall so that they’re not pooping all over the coop wall

Now I did make a coop hack that I’m super proud of and it helps to keep the wall clean and it’s cute so

the other thing about my roost is that they’re fairly close to each other and so the chickens do poop on each other at night sometimes if I had to do that over again or if I had just a different design more space to work with

I would allow for 15 inches of space for each chicken each standard sized chicken. Even though they will squeeze in and you know you’d be like totally on top of each other elmo’s it’s good to have that much space in case there’s like squabbling

or you’re integrating new chickens. it’s just best if you have your roost at different heights then you can space them about 15 or so inches apart

if they’re all in the same level you want to put them about 18 inches apart.

Those aren’t hard and fast rules. I mean really I’m breaking all of those rules. my chickens are fine but it probably will be easier when it’s time to clean and you know that’s always good

one thing that I do like about this setup is that my roofs are nice and flat so I just think that’s more comfortable for the chickens especially in colder climates they can cover their little feets with their feathers

That being said there are plenty of chickens that do just fine roosting on round roosts. There are plenty of chickens that do just fine including mine that roost on a skinny roost like that in fact this is like the most sought-after roost in my coop and then if you think about it chickens will roost in the trees on branches so roost size is not my Hill to die on for some people it is their Hill to die who can really argue about it but for me you know it’s whatever works

You don’t want your roosts to be too high because then when they fly down from them they have more of a chance to injure their feet you don’t want to deal with bumblefoot or any of that stuff

that being said I have some tiny chickens that roost up in the top of the roof

if I had to do it over again I would find a way to put a tray right under where the chickens roost that I could just pull out every couple days and throw right into the compost bin and you’ll see that in a lot of coop designs there is a poop tray included

and you’ll also see that in a lot of prefabricated coops and I think that is absolutely brilliant because really that is half the battle is cleaning up the poop that they do at night so if there’s a way for you to do that easily every day or every few days then your coop is gonna be so clean like you are gonna be the envy of all your friends so aside from some high places where sometimes little Chinese chickens will go up

there there is no place in this coop that I cannot get to and that is really important you want to be able to access this whole coop really because if a chicken gets sick they might go into a corner or go into a secluded place and if you can’t get to them then that’s good also a chicken will go into a secluded place and train hatch out eggs before you know it you’ll have 12 more little fluffy butts that you didn’t plan for worst-case scenario a chicken would die in a place that you can’t get to we don’t want that to happen let’s let’s let’s plan to not have that happen.

Okay one thing that is super important to me is to not have to either bend over a lot or squat a lot to try and clean this coop that would not be good for me because I got to take care of my back and I don’t want to end up at the chiropractor or worse just because I was cleaning my coop

so I have this walk-in coop and that works great for me because I am upright for most of the time when I’m in here even little coops prefabricated or if you find plans for a little coop

and it’s just roosts and nesting boxes inside even those there’s lots of designs where you don’t have to bend over to clean it out so I want you to look for those and think about that so that you can avoid problems in the future with your back

You are definitely going to want to make sure that you have enough coop space in your cube for the amount of chickens that you want to get

and you also want to be sure that your coop and run are predator proof .

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