Have you ever wanted to raise chickens or get your own fresh eggs every day ?

well in this post, we’ll discuss 10 things you want to consider if you want to raise chickens in an urban or suburban environment so stick around

I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned over the last seven or eight months raising my own chickens to be honest it’s been a very very easy process it really hasn’t been that much work involved that just follows a few simple tips that I learned before I get my own chickens

and it’s really an awesome thing because every day I go out and I have a whole set of fresh eggs every morning. there’s just a few basic things I follow and so far I’ve had a lot of really good success with it

so I’d like to go over 10 things I learned and hopefully can get you started on raising chickens in an urban environment

Number one is check with your city ordinance

the first thing you want to do is find out what your city’s rules are I live in a suburban environment and my particular city is fine with raising chickens they have a few simple rules which are really designed to make sure you’re not bothering your neighbor

like where the chickens are located in conjunction to their house and you really can’t have roosters due to their noise. if you’re not certain, contact your City Hall

Chickens are becoming increasingly popular in urban and suburban environments so they’ll probably have some set of rules which will determine if you can even move forward or not if everything checks out that by all means go for it

Number two find a local store that sells chickens

why do I recommend this well if you’re new raising chickens, it’ll be good to find a store that can walk you through the details which to be honest, there’s really not many of them help you when you run into any issues to answer any questions you may have

again fortunately with raising chickens, there’s not really much need to do but every now and then I’ve had some questions it’s been really nice to have someone that I can go and talk to and that can explain to me answers a different questions I have

I picked up my chickens at a local store called Dixie Line which is a southern california-based company but each area will have its own store that services the agriculture mutti

just go to google and type in where can i buy chickens along with your city name and you’ll probably find a lot of options

Number three chickens need a shelter

This is important to protect them against the elements and predators I decided to just pick up a coop that was prefabricated when I got our chickens but if you want to go that do-it-yourself route there’s a lot of videos on YouTube showing you how to do it

you really don’t have to invest much money into it if you don’t want to now if you do go the do-it-yourself route be sure to have the following setup a ruse for them and they’re comfortable sitting on these and even sleeping on them it needs to have ventilation

my particular coop has a lot of fencing and ventilation on the back of the box where they sleep and lay their eggs and also they’ll need nesting boxes this is a place that encourages them to lay eggs I put down wood shavings here and it’s really fascinating they always lay the eggs in the same place every day in the same corner

it’s actually really awesome instead of having to try to hunt down you know where do they lay their eggs today they always just lay in the same place

also make sure you have enough fencing for the box to keep predators from reaching through like possums which will kill the chickens you also have to be careful the neighborhood cats and other animals that come out at night

thankfully every evening at dusk my chickens go right into the coop by themselves and I just have to come out and lock the gate every night

so number four what chickens like to eat

First of all I get in chicken feet. The great thing about this is that it has most all necessary supplements they’ll need to create a great egg in a hard shell.

I just fill up their feeder and keep an eye on it once that you can start laying eggs their diet will require about one to one and a half cups of chicken feed per day

now one of the things he loved the most is worms you know there’s nothing that a chicken loves more than this. we’ve had some worms get in our garden and every time I found them I toss them over the fence into the area where their chickens are at and they’ll go crazy for these

they’ll be your friend for life if you give them these bugs. they will constantly scratch around for bugs. I like to let them out into our main backyard several times a week and they’ll go to town searching for bugs

it’s also a great way to manage any bug issues you have in your backyard also treats since my chickens aren’t technically free-range chickens. I give them these dried worms which they also love and it helps provide them with essential supplements as well greens when the chickens get out into the backyard they get a ton on my grass and also we throw anything green like salads over the fence instead of putting that food in the compost

as long as it’s not rotten you can also supplement a chicken stock with table scraps leftover fruits vegetables and grains are great for chickens health but don’t obviously feed them anything you know like junk food and beet or raw potatoes or anything like that

Number 5 is water be sure to give them plenty of clean water

I purchased a water when I get the chickens and I elevated up on some bricks because they were pooping on it when I left it just on the ground and so I ended up lifting it up so they weren’t doing that

if there was anything different I do with my setup it would be I would find a better watering system but this one does a trick for now be especially careful in the summer when it gets hot as well go through a lot of water and they can die quickly if they don’t have enough

Number 6 they’d like to take dust bats

Chickens really enjoy digging into the dirt to make a hole that they can delay in and flap their wings to give themselves a dust bath. It helps keep their wings clean and free parasites

if you don’t have access a dirt for them, you can give them a box as it’s about two by two and fill it up with chicken dust which you can pick up online

Since my backyard is mostly dirt on the side my house, they’ve been till we find

Number seven chickens produce a lot of poop

This was the thing that kind of caught me off guard when I first got into chickens. I think I’d envisioned that they would just keep it in the chicken coop but man they cover the ground in this stuff

Fortunately I have it found it to smell but the downside is that it tracks flies which is the problem over the summer causing me to have to set up fly traps everywhere

The good news is that you can take this by-product to your compost but don’t put it directly into your garden so expect this with chickens

Number eight is temperature regulation

During the summer you want to keep them in the shade. I keep mine on the side of the house that has shade at all time so while it wasn’t necessarily pleasant for them in the summer where it can get really hot

they did just fine and during the winter just know that adult chickens can handle the cold right live fortunately doesn’t get too cold but if it dips down into the 20s in your area, you’re gonna want to consider getting a heat lamp

I picked up a heat lamp and they were just chicks to keep them warm and I’ll probably add it to their cube when the winter hits so they’ll have a place to go if they’re cold

Number nine is the amount of space

Regarding space the minimum rule of thumb is about two to three square feet per chicken inside the chicken coop

and about eight to ten square feet per chicken in an outside run. More square footage is always better though I let my chickens out into the backyard frequently to give them room to run around and look for bugs

Remember happy chickens will definitely deliver on eggs

Number 10 is just go for it

My personality type is that I tend to plan out everything in advance but with the chickens I kind of win for it on a whim and it’s been really easy overall.

I get them when they were day old and have been very surprised at how little work has to really be put into them I get them before Eastern April and by the beginning of august, they start producing eggs.

On average one per day per chicken as long as you have food and water, they’re good and most days I just walked out in the morning let them out get the eggs give them some dried worms and then come back to close your coop at night that’s really it

Top 10 tips to raise chickens in your backyard