I’m just hearing my front yard a lot of people asked for a tour of my chicken garden systems so I thought I’d take a minute and show you a couple of them

first up the kitchen garden guys I’m at my front porch this is right outside my door at first the chickens were encompassed in this entire area with this electric poultry net tailing and fertilizing and then as the season progressed that I needed to plant stuff I moved in some of this mobile electric poultry net and planted it

as we go this is some of the first stuff that we planted until finally they were surrounded by vegetables in the height of the season and now as this produce gets done will actually open the fence back up over it and let the chickens help us chill it back in eat what we don’t eat and take care of this stuff in a natural way

okay now let’s have some Swiss chard Boone how about a little bit of onion right here

and while I’m at this garden why not some of these little Tomatoes for part of my lunch.

tomatoes are good but they’re even better with cucumbers

ah there’s one right there that should do it that was the kitchen garden now .there’s another kind that I want to show you today another system it’s called the chicken crop garden , look in this area where the chickens have been.

They have tilled they have fertilized with their manure that they have even spreaded mulch for me here.

The chickens are preparing a place and right here is a finished job. You see that we transplanted crops right into this area. while I’m over here I should get some eggs to go with that Swiss chard and onions for breakfast

This is what that system will look like when it’s mature. do you guys see this ?

oh my there’s squash oh my gosh have you ever seen squash so tall it’s almost like five feet tall tomato’s climbing almost six feet tall on these poles

this is a cover crop in between a buckwheat let’s get in there and get some dinner zucchini oh my wife makes mean Italian zucchini

that’ll go it with the chickens

we grew a year’s worth of chicken and 51-day is absolutely incredible and you know what the best part about this is I’m saving hundreds of dollars of groceries it also took less than ten hours a week with these systems

Two Chicken Garden Systems