Today we’re gonna give you some ideas about purchase chicken perches and let you guys know what’s the best roost for your chicken

the perch is that we chose was a simple 2×4 with its wide side up so basically a flat 2×4 and there’s some question or debate in the community about whether or not that’s good for chicken’s feet or if it’s too wide or you know they want to grip it and they can’t all these kind of questions

we have studied this topic for hours. we’ve looked multiple times. we’ve studied it in the past when you build our old coop years ago and we looked again we always see the same answers I’ve read the studies

I’ve read it everywhere I could think of looking so first before we get into the sizes. I think we should talk about why we have a chicken perch or a roost basically chickens like to be up in the air at night

Most of the times or some breeds like bigger birds or meat chickens that will often just stay on the ground but generally they want to find a safe spot and the safe spot is their perch and that’s where they’re gonna sleep all night so you want a comfortable spot for them to roost so that they can get a good night’s sleep

now the height off the floor for your perch is going to be determined by your flock and your coop. we have a lot of room so we have a lot of room to lift them up

we chose a four-foot height and that is about the max that I would feel comfortable going because we want the chickens to be able to fly up to it comfortably and fly down from it comfortably without a lot of heavy impact

Can you have a higher ? yes I wouldn’t go higher just because I feel like four feet is a good height that’s just our personal take on it because if chickens get too high up in the air, they sometimes can hurt their feet from the landing down on the ground

but we have seen chickens that perch up in the tops of buildings and in the tops of trees, they can go up very high and they’ll fly down from 15 feet up in the air and have no problems

so it’s not that you can’t have a higher perch but just think about your chicken breed, how heavy is it, how well can they fly and how big is your coop

you want to make sure that you have at least 18 inches over your perch so that they can fly up without paying in their heads when they want to get up on top of the perch

you also want to keep your perch above your nesting box and that is an important one that a lot of people miss because a lot of coops are just too small some people told us that our perch is too high, it needs to be lowered

it really can’t be lowered because this is a 4-foot perch and we have a three-foot nesting box if your perch is that the same height as your nesting box very often you’re gonna get chickens sleeping in the nesting box and you don’t ever want your chicken sleeping in the nesting boxes

when they sleep in the nesting box they make a mess in the nesting box and then you get dirty eggs

if you want to avoid dirty eggs make sure your perch is higher. that’s one step toward getting clean eggs

we intentionally put our nesting boxes low so that we can easily collect the eggs and so that our perch could be higher than it without going way up in the air

now if you want to keep your perches high enough to be above your nesting boxes but the height is a problem for your chickens for example if you have clipped wings

a lot of people clip their chickens wings so they can’t fly over fences and that’s fine but all you have to do is build a ramp to help them get up to their perches and you can just put a simple wooden ramp

some with some wooden slats across it so they can climb up easily and then there should be no problem for them

another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you will need at least 8 to 10 inches of perch per bird so if you want to know how many as you need or how much how long they should be just do 8 to 10 inches per bird

and you’ll be fine

the next thing is the placement

when you’re looking for the proper place to put your perch, you want it to be out of the way preferably in the dark area out of any drafts because that’s where they’re gonna be sleeping

They don’t want wind blowing on them. They don’t want to be exposed. They want to feel safe and comfortable and they’re gonna make a mess underneath

They’re gonna have droppings collecting under that perch all night so you don’t want to have it so that they have to walk under it to get to their nesting box or they have to or you have to walk under it to collect the eggs or whatever so just have it like on the opposite side of your nesting box

and again the separation is going to help them because they’re gonna have to choose do I want to sleep in my nesting box or do I want to sleep on this perch and if the perch is in a better location and it’s up higher they’re gonna go for the perch

and you also don’t want to like a perch here and then a perch right under it cuz they’re gonna just poop on each other that would be gross

it’s a good point if you have multiple purchase like this you want to make sure there are at least 12 to 18 inches apart and if you stagger them which a lot of people do, they’ll have a staircase of perches again 12 to 18 inches apart and down like that if you have the room to spare go wider

if you don’t, twelve inches is fine so now that we got all that out of the way

let’s talk about the size

we chose two by four because two by fours are readily available. they’re cheap and they make excellent perches. chickens are not little songbirds that cling to a tiny branch. they’re big and they really don’t mind sitting on a flat perch

the 2×4 is actually the number one recommended choice and it might not be the best choice. it’s not the only choice but it’s actually the most used and I’ve never seen a complaint

I’ve never seen or heard of a chicken having problems from sleeping on a 2×4. in fact there’s some benefits if you live in a cold climate a lot of people say that it actually helps the chickens keep their feet warm in the winter because they can put their feet flat on the 2×4 and cover them fully with their feathers

and that helps them from getting frostbite on their toes while they’re sleeping whereas a smaller perch their feet are curled under and don’t have the same protection

the other thing is rodents. sometimes rodents can be a problem in a coop and they can actually chew the toes off your chickens if your chickens toes aren’t dangling down

so a little bit more safer but if you have rodents take care of that problem number one

so there are benefits to do using the two-by-four and many many people use it so don’t let people tell you you can’t use it

it is like the most used perch out there. that’s what we use no problems at all . you got to keep in mind that chickens will perch anywhere on anything they want to.

What you Need to Know About Chicken Perches