It’s almost winter and I have a problem I’m not getting any eggs. let me show you what I’m gonna do about it

I’m not getting any eggs right now. my chickens egg count has gone down in the last few weeks and this post is going to show you why I’m having that problem this time of year, what I did about it.

it’s the fall and this time of year when the days are shorter. it triggers the chickens to lay fewer eggs or to stop altogether which is pretty much what’s happened in my case

now for my chickens, they need to lay eggs because that’s how it pay for their feed so those girls got to get to work . Now what am I gonna do is put a light in the chicken coop with a timer on it

and that way it’ll make the chickens day a little longer. There are two rules that I like to follow when lighting up my coop.

The first one is I only make sure the chickens get 14 to 15 hours of light. That’s the amount of time that they need to lay eggs year-round so every few weeks I’ll make an adjustment to my timer to make sure that that they fall into that range

The second rule is I only light up the coop in the morning. That’s very important because the chickens can’t see at night and if you light it up in the evening and they’re going about doing their thing.

that light’s gonna put go off and they’re not going to be able to see anything. they’ll be completely blind and leaving them in a precarious position so I encourage you to only light up your coop in the morning

I think it’s important to mention this chickens only have a certain number of eggs that they can lay in their lifetime. If they take the break during the winter, then they will lay their eggs for a longer period of their lifespan.

if you light up the coop, they’ll be laying year-round so you get the same number eggs. you’ll just get them sooner so even though it shortens the life span of they’re laying cycle, it doesn’t shorten their lifespan

Here are the three items that I’m going to use. I’ve got a outlet timer I’ve got a brooder light . most of you that have poultry have a one of these laying around and a bulb

now I like these bulbs obviously because they’re more efficient and remember we’re not trying to heat up the coop. We’re just trying to light it up.

Why You Put a light in the chicken coop